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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Endless ABC App Review

 Endless ABC by Callaway Digital Arts Inc.

Price: Free for limited time 

This is a ridiculously adorable app the kids and I both enjoy! Each letter of the alphabet has a vocabulary word starting with that letter the child can choose from. Once the child chooses a letter the monsters bring in the letters and scatter them across the page. In the center is an outline of the word and the child moves the letter into it's proper position. As they are moving the letter it wiggles and makes a monstery letter sound. Once they place the letter in the correct position a woman's voice names the letter. Once the word is completed, the word is repeated and the monsters act out the word as the definition is read by the narrator.

Skills reviewed: Letter sounds, letter names, vocabulary (more advanced then most ABC apps)


Isabel S.G. said...

I have the app but the words are the same as when I download, when are they going to put new words???? said...

really useful app. i liked it so much, thanks a lot for sharing :)