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Here is another work in progress, I seem to have a lot of those LOL! I've added all the chapters of BFSU and below that I've added supplemental videos, interactive games, etc that should correspond to that chapter. I've mostly been using Teachers Domain (see post here) and How To Smile (see post here). I would love any feedback or suggestions if you've found any great resources.

Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding (BFSU)

Organizing things into categories (A/B-1)
Solids, liquids, and gases (A-2)
 - States of Matter
 - States of Water
Air is a substance (A-3)
 - Air Is Matter
Matter I: Its particulate nature (A-4)
Gravity I: The Earth’s gravity, horizontal and vertical (D-1)
 - Invisible Forces video
 - Gravity video
Distinguishing living, natural nonliving and human-made things (B-2)
 - Living vs Nonliving
Distinguishing between plants and animals (B-3)
Concepts of energy I: Making things go (C-1)
Sound, vibrations and energy (C-2)
Concepts of energy II: Kinetic and potential energy (C-3)
Concepts of energy III: Distinguishing between matter and energy (C-4)
Day and night and the Earth’s rotation (D-2)
Reading and drawing maps (D-3)
North, south, east and west (D-3A)
Distinguishing materials (A-5)
Magnets and magnetic fields (A-5A)
 - Using a Compass to Find Your Way video
 - Making Predictions about Magnets video
  - Magnetisphere hands-on
Air pressure, vacuums, and the Earth’s atmosphere (A-6)
 - see A-3
A mixture of gases (A-7)
Evaporation and condensation (A-8)
 - Cycling Water Through the Environment
Inertia (C-5)
Friction (C-6)
Push pushes back (C-7)
Life cycles (B-4)
 - Birth, Growth and Development
 - Common Past, Different Paths video
Identification of living things (B-4A)
Land forms and major biomes (D-4)
 - Biomes interactive
 - Desert Biome video
 - Teri and Jairus: Biome Buddies video
What is a species? (B-4B)
 - Think Garden: Plant Species
 - Animal Classification Game interactive
 - Classification Lineup hands-on
Food chains and adaptations (B-5)
 - Energy Flow
How animals move I: The skeleton and muscle system (B-6)
 - Animals on the Go
How animals move II: Different body designs; major animal phyla (B-7)
 - Invent an Insect hands-on
How animals move III: Coordinating body movements; The nervous system (B-8)
 - All Systems Are Go interactive
Matter IV: Dissolving, solutions, and crystallization (A-9)
How animals move IV: Energy to run the body (B-9)
Time and Earth’s turning (D-5)
 - Observe Sunrise and Sunset video
 - The Shadow Knows It hands-on
Seasonal changes and the Earth’s orbit (D-6)
 - Earth In Motion: Seasons interactive
 - Poem: Four Seasons video
 - What Season Is It? interactive
Gravity II: Rate of fall, weightlessness in space, and distinction between mass and weight (D-7)
 - Gravity and Falling Objects lesson plan
Rocks, minerals, crystals, dirt, and soils (A-10)
 - Minerals in Our Environment interactive
 - Rocks and Minerals video
Rocks and fossils (D-8)
 - Fun with Fossils lesson plan
Plant science I: Basic plant structure (B-10)
 - How Do Plants Get Energy
 - Think Garden: Photosynthesis
 - Photosynthesis video
Plant science II: Germination, seedling, growth and responses (B-11)
 - Exploring Plants lesson plan
Plants, soil, and water (B-12)
Resources: Developing an overview (D-9)

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