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Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Homeschool Purchase

I just made my first homeschool curriculum purchase last night! I am so excited that I finally got up the nerve to just do it. I bought RightStart Deluxe Level A, and the Deluxe A-B Add On. Who knows how long shipping will take to get to Alaska but I won't start looking for it for another several weeks.

Blue is in 2 day a week co-op preschool but will be increasing to 3 day a week next fall. I don't know how much math we will get to but I wanted to start reading the text. This way I can discuss math with him in our everyday life using their terminology and concepts.

I am so curious if he will be a mathy kid. He loves puzzles and Lego's and seems to have an engineering type of personality. I figure if this isn't a good program for him it will work for Red or Yellow. That is one nice thing about having more than one child, if you mess up on a curriculum choice you have more shots at having someone like it.