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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I feel like I am ready to pull my hair out!!! How in the world do you decide what books to use for read-a-louds for your children. There are so many book lists I am completely overwhelmed and I am just looking at PreK-1st! I 've looked at lists from:

-Ableside Online
-Simply Charlotte Mason
-Living Books Curriculum
-Oak Meadow
-Winter Promise
-The Well Trained Mind

And of course numerous books that have more book lists! So what I am trying to do is to go through these sites and some books and try to find the books they all have in common. Then I am going to make a list of the fairy tales, story books that I want to purchase and then a list of books to check out from the library. Once I compile this it should be smooth sailing for the next couple of years...of course until another book list comes out :-)