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Strewing Items

I love the term "strewing", it is used in unschooling circles quite a bit and I love the idea. You "strew" items around the house for your kids to discover and play/experiment with. Here is a list I've compiled and will hopefully be adding to:

*Obviously you need to use your discretion and supervision with some of the items listed below:

-Art supplies
-Crafts (Popsicle sticks, stamps, ink pads, tissue paper, wrapping paper, felt, kits)



-Musical instruments/toys
-Fabric pieces (baby carriers, capes, etc)
-Tools (toolbox, hammer, nails, level, string/rope, wrench, screws)
-Science kits (magnifying glass, binoculars, microscope, magnets)
-Office supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, tape, scissors, glue, calculators, paperclips)
-Pieces of wood for forts or other outdoor adventures
-Camera with their own memory card
-Dress up clothes, wigs and accessories
-Light blankets or sheets for indoor fort building.
-CD player with CDs and books-on-CD
-thermometer (indoor and outdoor)
-rain gauge